Come work with us!

Get Dirty.

Come and Work!

We would love for you to join us here on campus! Come and work hand in hand with us, as we literally build these children’s futures!

Different ways you can serve with your team while in Guatemala:

  1. Do physical labor! Lay block, pour concrete, lay tile, paint, landscape… whatever phase we are at there is always a place you can jump in and lend a hand! We will organize specific projects for your team while you are here. GET DIRTY!
  2. Plan Bible classes and activities with the local villagers. We do a type of VBS (although rarely actually during vacation time), where 200-400 local mothers come with their children. We teach them the love of Jesus, through Bible lessons, crafts, games, and other fun creative activities. You and your team can lead these activities for the week you are on site, and bring your touch to the local people!
  3. Organize a medical/dental outreach. The people in the surrounding villages are very very poor and most times just have to deal with any pain/toothaches, with no medical care or medicine. Any medicine or dental care you can bless them with is a huge huge blessing for them.
  4. Visit local homes and churches. Take your family and team to see what life is really like for 70% of Guatemalans. Make tortillas with the local woman, and make new friends! They really appreciate your visit to their home when you show them that you love them and care for them! Worship with local Christians at home and small village churches.

Trip Costs

Trip costs per person (does not include airfare):
$800 – 9 days 8 nights
+ $100 a day for additional days
– Transportation during your entire stay
– Hotels and rooming in Guatemala City and in Jalapa for entire stay
– All meals while in Jalapa on site.

* Does not include meals on travel days and free days (Guatemala City and Antigua). Each individual will pay for their own meals on the spot in these cases.


$1,000 per month (or $35 a day)
– Room and board at mission house, Jalapa (meals will be what the full time missionaries are eating each day)
– Transportation to and from airport

* Does not include any special outings, hotels, meals out, ect. All of that needs to be paid on the spot by intern.