Little Lambs International

Construction Progress


Phase 1 of our project was to get us to a point where we could start caring for children (most important!), as well as host our volunteer teams without having to waste money on hotels and travel every day. The buildings included to complete phase 1 were: 

  • The mission house. Where we currently house, school, and feed our children, and where our teams stay when they come to work at LLI. 
  • The temporary playground for the children.
  • The director’s home. A place for our directors to live and raise their family (adopted children as well), as they direct and guide our nannies and other staff, and take care of all of the operational aspects of running an orphanage. 
  • The guard houses. Two small houses for our guards and their families, so that we can have full time caretakers on site.
  • Water infrastructure. We installed a water well down by our small river that flows through the property. From there the water is pumped up to a holding tank by the Mission House. And from there it is gravity fed to the rest of the property. WATER! A necessity! 
  • Electrical infrastructure. We ran high tension power lines from across the road all the way up to our mission house (1.5 km), and have installed two transformers on the property to get energy. Although very unreliable in our area, a necessity! We were also able to purchase a large used generator for emergencies when the power goes out for days at a time (very common). 
  • A woodshop/storage garage. Here we were able to make all of our doors for the mission house, all of our bunkbeds, and much more. Also used to store tools for the construction projects. 
  • Agriculture/animals. We started planting fruits, coffee, veggies, and more, as well as started raising pigs and chickens for our local consumption. To be expanded in phases 2&3. 
  • Build boundary wall around the lower compound for safety of children
  • Install electrical grid for lower compound
  • Build the first 10 housing units
  • Build the church
  • Build 3 small support homes for workers/volunteers
  • Build the vocational school area (mechanics, carpentry, electrical, ect.)
  • Build administration building, also to be used as school temporarily
  • Finish central park and roadways in compound
  • Build Market for barber shop, store, souvenirs, ect. 
  • Build general use building (birthday partys, game room for kids, ect.)
  • Expand agriculture/animal production
  • Install a walking/riding path throughout property with rest stations
  • Build the remaining 10 housing units
  • Build the school for all children and open as a private school to the public
  • Build the greenhouse for growing veggies, ect
  • Community center expansion
  • Build the medical/dental/ministry center
  • Install solar power to support our whole project and provide long term income